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6 Supplements That I’ve Added to My Daily Diet


Some people believe that whatever vitamin we need can be found in the food we eat. This is why they take great pains in choosing and measuring whatever they eat. However, we should remember that much of our food is already lacking in nutrients, especially the processed, packaged, and genetically modified ones. There are organic foods, of course, but they still cannot provide all the nutrients we need on a daily basis. This is why I take supplements with my daily diet.

Supplements augment or add extra elements to our regular diet. These elements are the vitamins and minerals that are essential for our good health. As an artist, a musician, I need to be always on-the-go. As such, I need to be energetic and motivated; both my body and my brain have to be ready for whatever action may come my way.

Of course, not all supplements provide what they promise. This is what a lot of official health product reviews. So it pays if you know the nutrients well and if you know how to choose your supplements properly. To help you out, here are six essential supplements that I take every day along with my diet.

Daily Supplements I Take With My Every Day Diet

For Every Day Protection: Multivitamins

I take multivitamins for daily protection against unhealthy, harmful elements like stress and pollution. Aside from providing ample protection for my body, multivitamins also help promote cellular function, which helps keep me on my toes even when things are already ultra busy. I prefer to ingest multivitamins in capsule form because they absorb more easily, especially when compared with tablets. Also, I never ever take my multivitamins without food. They absorb better when taken with food. Taking multivitamins every day has helped me become better prepared for the unpredictable challenges (i.e. projects, performances, and the like) that regularly come my way.

Good Bones, Muscle Strength, and Immune System Booster: Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is always on my list because of its powerful effect on my entire system. Although it is classified more as a pre-hormone than a vitamin, D3 should be in your daily habit list as it helps prevent diseases. Likewise, it is anti-inflammatory and is also said to have anti-cancer effects. I take vitamin D3 because it helps in bone and muscle strength development. The job of a musician may not be that physically demanding, but it can also be taxing, especially if you need to move from one event venue to another. Likewise, vitamin D3 is an immune system booster, so I never skip taking it. It helps me stay healthy even when I often stay up late at night to practice for my performances. I can get vitamin D from the food I eat and from exposure to the sun, but I can’t stand too much of the sun. So I need my D3 supplement.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Fish Oils

I take fish oil regularly, not only when I think I’ve eaten quite a lot. Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which plays a significant role in ensuring one’s good health. Also, fish oil is ideal if you want to promote good cardiovascular health. This powerful supplement is likewise good for chronic disease prevention, metabolic function, nutrient absorption, and in enhancing the health of skin, hair, and nails. Fish oil is also an anti-inflammatory supplement. It is one of the most powerful supplements I know, so I make sure to drink my fish oil supplement along with my favorite fatty fish dishes. In my opinion, fish oil is the most important supplement in this list. It’s the one you should never be without!

Heart Health, Good Digestion, Energy: B Vitamins

B vitamins have different functions. Vitamin B12, for example, is good for proper food absorption and digestion. It is also essential for fast carbohydrate and fat metabolism. I take vitamin B12 because I lead an active lifestyle, so I cannot afford to experience muscle weakness. Likewise, B12 is efficient in preventing memory loss, which is an important element in my life because I often have to memorize long musical pieces. It is also known as an excellent source of energy. Vitamins B6 and B12 are essential for me because they are good for heart health.

The Good Bacteria: Probiotics

You don’t know what’s going on in your intestinal tract, but you want to keep it healthy for good digestion. This is why probiotics are an essential element in our diet. The good bacteria present in the intestinal tract helps facilitate proper digestion. I make sure this friendly bacteria is protected from stressors like bad diet and stress by taking probiotics regularly, which supply you with good bacteria. It makes me feel good and healthy all the way, every day!

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