Official David Allen Coe is a growing music blog with a developed trust in music. We explore emerging talent and have gained more than 800,000 readers with your loyal audience.

Official David Allen Coe partners with brands to help develop integrated campaigns along with a number of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Here’s what we offer:

BILLBOARD The 970 x 250 billboard is perfect for bold frame rests as we position your message as the main event on the page. There are many creative possibilities for advertisements from video to streaming and beyond.

SUPERLEADERBOARD A full-width HTML 5 unit is displayed at the top of our blog. This allows a massive footprint for video-capable and media to increase brand presence.

LEADERBOARD The Leaderboard delivers a high-in-demand view for campaigns.

MEDIUM RECTANGLE As one of the long-standing units, the medium rectangle ad is flexible for its compact frame to engage readers alongside the main content of the site

HALF PAGE If 250 pixels are not enough, the Half Page offers a large format that is located on the side page. Here you can display a bigger, bolder message. This is ideal for brands who seek to showcase full-length images.

OVERLAY The Overlay Ad is the premiere advertisement that delivers bold messages with video and more. Sponsors can use this unit to customize and create an attractive ad for their campaign assets.

PRE-ROLL The Pre-roll lives in-page or on video. This offers high views as the placement is direct across our sites. Both the mid-page and linear videos contain 15 sec or 30 sec spots per ad. We offer full-screen video display arrangements for larger execution. The video will rest on top of the navigation.