Top 5 Music Schools in the World

From New York to London, music schools are producing the world’s top artists in the industry. It is said that where students go to study music will play a significant role in their careers in hopes of earning a living through talent.

Check out the top five music schools in the world

Juilliard School

As the most prestigious institution in the world, New York’s Juilliard is the go-to music school with a small 8.4% acceptance rate. Not only has the school produced legendary music talents such as Bernard Herrmann, Barry Manilow, and Philip Glass, it is equally known for their drama department.

Berklee College of Music

While Berklee has a higher acceptance rate of 37%, the school firmly ranks to Juilliard’s prestige standards. You may notice that Berklee embraces mainstream talent which includes jazz, music production, concert venues, and even student-run record labels.

USC Thornton School of Music

Establish in the early 1880’s, USC Thornton School of Music is located in Los Angeles, close by to the Hollywood scene. Hip-hop producer Dr. Dre and Record Producer Jimmy Iovine launched the Jimmy Lovine and Andrew Young Academy for Art to balance liberal arts and technology.

Royal College of Music

Located near Royal Albert Hall, the RCM houses 1,000 students with an impressive record of alumni. The school takes pride in their extensive library of recorded films and music, manuscripts and written scores. RCM also provides programs for younger students to study in general music courses.

Conservatoire de Paris

Founded in 1795, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication declared the Conservatoire de Paris home to classical music legends including Camille Saint-Saens, Hector Berlioz, Claude Debussy and even Takayuki Hattori the Japanese Godzilla composer.

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

As one of the top conservatories in the United Kingdom, Guildhall’s campus services more than 800 students from over 40 countries in the world. It is the only conservatory to teach music, drama, and drama in one campus location.

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