3 Most Common Ammunitions

Selecting the perfect ammunition for any weapon can seem difficult at times. There are many calibers and loads available and they each differ in one way or another. A few of these differences include the velocity, design, and weight of the bullet.

Regardless of these differences, it really is not too hard to understand each one. Once you do have a complete understanding of the different ammunition calibers, you’ll have an easier time making your choice.

If you are new to guns and are looking to invest in one for whatever reason, there are many benefits to owning them and their ammunition. Below, we’ve listed the top three ammunitions that are most common today and three benefits of each.

The .45 ACP Ammunition

Stopping Power

The .45 ACP has a huge amount of stopping power and can easily incapacitate anything that it is shot towards. Being a larger caliber makes it capable of traveling further distances with greater velocity.

Overall Recoil

The “kick” of the .45 ACP is significantly higher than other ammunitions. However, if you load them into pistols that have heavier frames, then you’ll experience a controllable shot with very little recoil.


The .45 ACP has proven its reliability time and time again. It has also remained successful throughout every war it was ever used in.

The .38 Special Ammunition


The ammunition for the .38 special helps the weapon become trustworthy and will have a near nonexistent failure rate while being shot excessively. In addition, .38 special ammunition is used heavily in small revolvers that get used for personal protection.

Personal Protection

Although .38 special ammo is not as impressive as other ammo, it does, however, do great when you need to carry it around and when you need close range accuracy.

Perfect “Back-up”

When you have a .38 special you have as much backup as you need at the ready. Plus, the ammunition for a .38 special can be interchanged with certain rifles too.

The .40 Smith and Wesson Ammunition

Accuracy is Near Perfect

The 40 Smith and Wesson Ammo are considered to be the most accurate of all ammunition today. With just the right amount of velocity and weight of the projectile, the target will always be hit by it no matter what.

Law Enforcement Use

Although there is a decreased amount of .40 ammo available as compared to 45 ACP ammunition in stock, you just need to understand the reasoning behind it. The main use for this ammunition is seen heavily within law enforcement. With that in mind, many departments have placed orders for .40 ammunition months in advance and are given precedence over the civilian demand.

Provides Great Value

With a lot of ammunition used in .40 S&W being 9mm it receives great value being interchangeable between the two. The only difference is the fact of having recoil that is a bit stronger in the .40 S&W.


As you can see, the three ammunition types have separate uses and benefits that make each of them unique. With some being interchangeable, this is perfect for times where the supply of ammunition is limited or unavailable.

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